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AMP Futures Trader's Chatter

Trading Pit History: Electronic trading cards

Daily Chuckle: lest we forget

Daily Chuckle: I approve this message

Visualizing 150 Years of U.S. Employment History

Bill Gates on How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic

65 Pieces Of Survival Wisdom From The Great Depression

Daily Chuckle: A star is born

Trading History: Visualizing the History of Pandemics

Work From Home Movie Matinee: The House of Rothschild 1934

Daily Chuckle:  Sweet Tats

Coronavirus COVID-19 spread leads CME to close trading floors indefinitely

Trading Legend: CBOT Chairman Charles Carey

Daily Chuckle: When Nature Calls

This Day In Finance History 3/10/2020

Limit-Down Trading in U.S. Stock Futures Points to Rough Open


This Day In Finance History

The slumps that shaped modern finance

This Day In Finance History: 2/26/2020

Trading History:  11 historic bear markets

Daily Chuckle: All In the Family

Daily Chuckle: That Sinking Feeling

Whats For Lunch:  Wahlburgers

Trading Legend: Michael Bloomberg: Straight Talk From a “C” Student Turned Billionaire

Trading Legend: Warren Buffett - The World's Greatest Money Maker

Trading Legends:  Bernard Ebbers: From Enron King to Ex Con

Daily Chuckle: Peace, Love and Lockheed Martin

Trading Legend: Michael Millken The Junk Bond King

Daily Chuckle:  Happy Valentines Day

Trading History: The Butter And Egg Man (1920's Trader) In Popular Culture

Daily Chuckle: I dream Of Genie

This Day in Finance History 02/11/2010

Whats For Lunch:  Rick Bayless XOCO

Unemployment Friday: What Is The Jobs Report?

How Marc Rich Got  Rich, Broke The Law, And Lived A Life In Exile

Daily Chuckle:  Moonshot

Trading Legend: Mark Cuban: How I Became a Billionaire

This Day In Finance History 1/31/2020

This Day In Financial History:  I'd Like To  Buy The World A Coke

Traders Behaving Badly: Flash Crash Trader Faces Sentencing Today.

Daily Chuckle: Bears, Oh My!

Video Archives: The Trading Game

Whats For Lunch:  A Cut Above,  Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Trading Legend: Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

What is Davos and why are so many important people talking about it?

Trading History: The Changing Face of Commodity Trading

The New Space Race Of 2020's

Daily Chuckle: Bliss

Whats For Lunch: Lukes Chicago

CME0 Group 2020 Martin Luther King Jr Holiday Schedule

Trading History: The Panic Of 1837

Trading History: US STEEL Americas 1st Billion Dollar Company


Daily Chuckle:Emergency Response

Daily Chuckle:  Legal Eagle

Stock Market Menagerie: Bulls vs. Bears, Unicorns, & the Animals of Wall Street

Daily Chuckle:  I'll Trade You

Sunday Matinee: Nick Leeson and the fall of Barings Bank

Whats For Lunch: Fontanos Subs Michigan Ave. Chicago

Trading History: 1920 A Look Back 100 Years Ago

CME Group New Years 2020 Holiday Schedule

Daily Chuckle: Vino

This Day in Finance History

Trading History: Bethlehem Steel One of Histories Super Stocks 1915 $399

Daily Chuckle: Sound Advice

CME GROUP 2019 Christmas Holiday Schedule

THIS DAY IN FINANCIAL HISTORY Jason Zwieg Dow making records

Daily Chuckle: Up Up and Away

Trading History: For Crying Out Loud Scenes from the CBOT


Whats For Lunch: Home Run Inn Chicago Pizza

Daily Chuckle: Wheeee!!!


Trading Legend: 80's Inflation Fighter Paul Volker 1927-2019

Whats For Lunch: Chicago's Very Own PORTILLO'S

Daily Chuckle 12/06/2019

This Day In Finance History 12/06/2019


Trading Legends: Elon Musk : The Story Of How He Became A Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur in his 20's

This Day In Finance History

CME GROUP THANKSGIVING 2019 Holiday Schedule

Daily Chuckle: Talking Turkey

Trading Legend: 40 facts about John D. Rockefeller, the richest American of all time

Daily Chuckle: Know Your Customer

What's For Lunch:  Giordano's Famous Stuffed Pizza Chicago

Trading History: The Mysterious Death of Roberto Calvi aka "God's Banker"

Daily Chuckle: Bear Down

Whats For Lunch:  Zagat Rated Fontano's Subs Chicago

Daily Chuckle: Bad News Bears

Spoofing or just fast trading? Chicago case helps unwrap mystery

Trading History: Japanese Candlesticks a Brief History

Trading History: The Dow's Tumultuous History in One Chart

Whats For Lunch: SMOQUE Chicago's Famous BBQ

FYI: 5G Technology what is it? Mobile Traders want to know

Trading Legend: Ivan Boesky the man who coined Gekko's phrase Greed is Good

Daily Chuckle: Taxes best friend

Trading Legend Ray Dalio on the David Rubenstein Show

Daily Chuckle

Daily Chuckle: Straight to Jail no $200 for you

Trading Legend: Charlie D

Daily Chuckle: The Buck Doesn't Stop Here

Trading Legend Harris Brumfield   Trader and Inventor of TT DOM Tech

Daily Chuckle:  Two Sides

Trading History: Floor Trader History Project: CBOE Tom Gould

Trading History: vintage Video of the LIFFE

Whats For Lunch:  Capital Grille Steak and Seafood

Daily Chuckle:  Chill Out

A Day In The Life:  Chevron Energy Trader

Daily Chuckle: Clean Energy

Whats For Lunch: Portillos and Barnellis Chicago

Daily Chuckle: B.C. Medicine

Trading Legend: Jordan Melamed – Open Outcry Traders History Project

Daily Chuckle:  Tats

Whats For Lunch:  SideBar Grille the Loop

Daily Chuckle: Beeswax

Trading History: Quants - The Alchemists of Wall Street

Daily Chuckle: Breaking News

What's For Lunch: Hot Wok Cool Sushi

Daily Chuckle: Follow Me

Daily Chuckle: The Road Less Traveled

The OpenOutcry Traders History Project:  Leo Melamed

Whats For Lunch: Fontano's Subs Chicago's Best

Daily Chuckle: Version 2.0

Trading Legend: Lee B Stern Still Trading after 66yrs in the Business

Daily Chuckle: Tariff Shmariff


Whats For Lunch:  Giordano's Famous Stuffed Pizza Chicago

The London Metals Exchange: The last physical exchange left in Europe

Trading History: Electronic Trading Pioneer Leslie Rosenthal

Whats For Lunch: Jake Melnicks Bar and Grill

Trading History: The Beginning of a Futures Exchange: How the CBOT Started

Daily Chuckle: Impatient Patient

Al's Beef Chicago

Daily Chuckle: Tweety Bird

Taking a Closer Look:  The Yield Curve

Trading History: The Birth of Algorithmic and News Based Trading

Trading History: S&P 500 Futures and Spreads Mid 1980's

Daily Chuckle. Hafeez

Whats For Lunch: The Weber Grille Chicago

Daily Chuckle: Higher Learning

Trading History:  The Pits Close

What's For Lunch: Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Daily Chuckle:  Summertime

Daily Chuckle: Selfie

Trading History: History of Commodities Trading

Whats For Lunch:  BUB CITY Chicago BBQ

Trading History: Goichi Hosoda the father of Ichimoku Clouds

Whats For Lunch: JP Grazianos

Daily Chuckle: Girl Power

Flashback Wall Street: Remembering the Glory Days of the NYMEX

Trading History: The last day of CME on Jackson before the move to Wacker Drive

Daily Chuckle:  canned meat

Whats For Lunch:  EMA Mediterranean Chicago

CME Globex Emini Traders overlooking The SP500 Pit

Trading History: F.B.I. Commodities 'Sting': Fast Money, Secret Lives

Daily Chuckle: I got tricks

Trading History: All Time Billionaires: The Richest People in US History

Whats For Lunch: Chicago Icon Portillo's

Trading History: A Brief History Of Money

CME GROUP 2019 Independence Day Holiday Schedule

Whats For Lunch: Wahlburgers Chicago

Trading History: 8 Trade Routes That Shaped World History

Daily Chuckle: Intel

Daily Chuckle: mans best friend?

Whats For Lunch: Chicken Planet Chicago

Daily Chuckle: Winner Winner

Movie Wednesday: Rogue Trader 1999

Daily Chuckle: Mad Men

Whats For Lunch: Fontano's Subs Michigan Ave Chicago

Trading History: What Stinks..The 1955 onion caper at the CME

Daily Chuckle: Hey DJ

Daily Chuckle: New Yorker Comic

Trading Pit History Blog: Nail A Trader by Ryan Carlson

Daily Chuckle: Dog Gone Clever

Whats For Lunch: Portillos A Chicago Icon

Daily Chuckle: whats in a name

Trading Legend: Trading up: Life lessons with philanthropist John Arnold

Daily Chuckle: Pick One Any One

Whats For Lunch: Moe's Cantina River North

Daily Chuckle: Rain Rain Go Away

Trading History:  The Bucket Shop

Whats For Lunch: World Famous Giordano's Pizza Chicago

Daily Chuckle: Corporate Raider

CME GROUP 2019 Memorial Day Schedule

Daily Chuckle: tweet tweet

Trading History: A Brief History Of Electronic Trading

Whats For Lunch:  Brownbag Seafood CO

Daily Cartoon: Fly Birdie

Open Outcry is alive and well in Japans Tuna Market

Daily Chuckle:  Modern Age

Trading History: The Pioneers of Technical Analysis

Daily Chuckle: On the couch

Whats For Lunch:  SMOQUE BBQ Irving Park Chicago

Daily Chuckle: Semantics

Trading Pit History: Birth Of The Eurodollar Contract

Daily Chuckle: Soccer Mafia

Daily Chuckle: Mommas boys

Whats For Lunch:  Brown Bag Seafood Co.


Daily Chuckle:  Leo's Walden