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Jobs report stuns — U.S. economy adds 528,000 jobs


The great unrest: How 2020 changed the economy

This Day In Financial History

5 THINGS TO KNOW for Thursday 8/4

Miserable August for crypto

As wheat prices soar, the world's consumers vote with their feet

This Day In Financial History

Billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried has been called the next Warren Buffett

Stocks rally for a second day as investors look past recession worries

Wall Street drops as shrinking economy brings recession closer

‘If you don't need it, don't buy it right now’

Maximum Wage: Meet the 10 Most Overpaid CEOs

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Coinbase faces new probe,  and how heat waves hit miners

Why a 2022 Recession Would Be Unlike Any Other | WSJ

Europe inks deal on gas curbs as Russia squeezes supply

10 Ways Billionaires Avoid Tax On A Massive Scale - How Money Works

Europe’s economic slowdown driven by ‘the lack of natural gas

This Day In Financial History 7/25/2022


US is the world’s biggest oil producer but still need to import crude?

This Day In Financial History

Russia resumes gas flows to Europe after fears of a total shutdown

Gen Z believes small daily purchases have longterm effects on security

The Fed Is Upside-Down on Inflation and That's a Big Risk

How Wind Turbine Technicians Risk Their Lives to Keep Blades Spinning


How One of Asia’s Biggest Oil Empires Collapsed

Why millennials shouldn't be blamed for soaring inflation

EU signs new gas deal as fears grow over Russian supplies cutoff

What the Oil Shocks of the ’70s Can Tell Us About Today

Congress, Wall Street await more SEC action amid crypto meltdown


Stock futures rise as Wall Street 600 pts Dow

The Rise and Fall of American Malls

Wholesale prices shoot up near-record 11.3% on surge in energy costs

Morning Bid: Euro at parity and talk of a 100 bps U.S. rate hike

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The Poor Boy Who Invented The Most Luxurious Car in the World

The Oil Crisis Isn’t Over, IEA Says. Why Prices Are Falling.


Fidelity: The 8 Trillion Dollar Private Company

The euro is near parity with the U.S. dollar

From $10 billion to zero The Fall of Three Arrows

Europe on high alert as Russia temporarily halts gas flows

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Kayr Robinson: From Poverty to Prosperity

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ECONOMYJobless claims edge up to highest since January


Wall Street rises as rate hike fears ebb

Why Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same | A WSJ Documentary

Fed Minutes Could Bolster Bets for 75 Basis-Point Hike in July

U.S. oil just tumbled below $100 a barrel

BOE Says Crypto Needs Tougher Rules After $2 Trillion Drop

Stocks fall as recession concerns linger. Dow down 700 points

How Margin Calls Can Transform Market Downturns Into Market Crashes

Futures fall, S&P 500 heads for worst first half in 52 years

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The rise and fall of global trade: the Romans to Covid-19

S&P 500 futures up on Wednesday, market attempts to regain its footing

CME Group Independence Day Holiday Schedule 2022

Inflation is hitting America's middle class particularly hard, BofA

The Big Japan Short Is Back for Traders Betting Against the BOJ

The Real Story Behind the House of Gucci


Stocks fall and begin week with losses as rebound attempt stalls

Here's Why Burned-Out Millennials Are Flocking To Portugal


Tech shares rebound, but stocks still log worst week since March 202

Rate hikes, bear market, crypto crash, and more happened this week.

Dow Below 30k first time since 2020

Buffet Drops Some Knowledge

Binance 'temporarily' pauses bitcoin withdrawals as market tanks


the Fed is expected to announce, the biggest rate hike in 28 years

Wall Street set to open higher ahead of Fed's rate decision

Fed to boost interest rates by three-quarters of a point this week

How This Man Just Caused a $45 BILLION Crash [Terra Luna]

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Bitcoin’s plunge spells trouble entrepreneur who went all in

S&P 500 tumbles  closes in bear market territory

Bitcoin, crypto coins plummet in intensifying selloff

Inflation puts pressure on Powell: What to know this week

Dow sinks 600 points after inflation reading hits 40-year high


The office buildings worth $500 billion less because of work from home

Stock futures forfeit gains after disappointing jobs data

Marc Randolph, Netflix Co-Founder

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SEC Weighs Sending Retail Stock Orders to Auctions for Execution

Fintech 50 2022: The Newcomers


U.S. faces 'unacceptable levels of inflation,' Yellen

How  Binance became a hub for hackers, fraudsters and drug traffickers

Oil Swings After Hitting Three-Month High on Saudi Price Hike

Consumers have to face that inflation is here to stay for a while


25yr old college dropout is now world’s youngest self-made billionaire

Stocks fall sharply following strong May jobs report

US Companies Add Fewest Jobs of Pandemic Recovery, ADP Data Show

Elon Musk comments ignite debate over remote work


Who is buying Russian crude oil and who has stopped

'This pandemic is not over,' Citi exec explains

This Day In Financial History

End of Era: Trading Pits Close

US Memorial Day Holiday Trading Schedule

The 12 members of the 1896 Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dow tries to snap long weekly losing streaks


FEDERAL RESERVE: Fed minutes point to more rate hikes

The Last of Lehman Brothers

Stocks drift higher as traders await Fed meeting minutes

Davos 2022: 3 themes being discussed among power brokers

Electric vehicles are in short supply.

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The Dark History of Two Sigma

Stocks rise to recover from bear market brink

China to Buy Cheap Russian Oil

Cracks in US Economy Start to Show as Recession Warnings Mount


There’s more crypto destruction to come: CEO

Trading Legend: Marc Lasry

Tesla cut from S&P 500 ESG Index, and Elon Musk tweets his fury

U.S. stocks bounce after retail sales and investors await Fed’s Powell

There’s no relief in sight for high gas prices

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Sam Zell the Richest man in Realestate

How The Richest People Can Access Billions Without Selling Their Stock

Cathy Woods: Queen of Retail Investors


April jobs report: Payrolls rise by 428,000  unemployment rate  3.6%

This Day In Financial History

SEC adds over 80 Chinese firms, to be booted from Wall Street

BOE Sees Risk of U.K. Recession With Inflation Above 10%

Dow rallies 900 points as investors bet the Fed can slow inflation

Fed raises interest rates by 0.50%, largest move since 2000

How the Russia War Is Affecting U.S. Gas Producers | WSJ

Stock futures drift higher as traders brace for Fed decision

Stock futures drift higher as traders brace for Fed decision

How Do Bubbles Form? Gamestop and Tulips Can Help Explain | WSJ

Why tech giants like Meta and Alphabet change their names

Citi Trader Made Error Behind Flash Crash in Europe Stocks

Charlie Munger on Robinhood stock crash: 'God is getting just'


EU set to ban Russian oil

Five-Minute ‘Flash Crash’ in Nordic Equity Markets Jolts Europe

Dow gains 500 points, Nasdaq jumps 2% as Thursday’s comeback rally

Most adults’ top financial priority right now is nonretirement savings

WSJ Video


Mom and Pop Investors Took Billion Dollar Bath Trading During Pandemic

gold notes and cards find their way into America's wallet

Russia halts gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

The Spectacular Rise and Fall of WeWork

1973: The Chicago Board Options Exchange opens for trading

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Twitter accepts Elon Musk’s buyout deal

Dow drops more than 700 points in worst day since early March

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This Day In Financial History S&P 500 contract started

What is a 'poison pill' strategy & why has Twitter adopted one?

Billionaire Trader Ken Griffin Navigates A Flock Of Black Swans

King of the ‘Lunatics’ Becomes Bitcoin’s Most-Watched Whale

Oil Swings as Market Assesses Risk-Off Sentiment and Lost Output

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Secret Service seizes more than $102 million in crypto assets

Panama Papers: Inside the shady world of tax havens

Wall Street, bond yields head higher as global growth hopes rise


World Bank slashes global growth forecast

Oil is entering a New World Order

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The $400 Million Ponzi Scheme That Suckered San Diego

This Day In Financial History

Why Elon Musk Became Twitter's Largest Shareholder

Inflation rises by the most since 1981 as CPI jumps 8.5% in March

World Bank says it is preparing $1.5 billion aid package for Ukraine

Goldman Sachs Traders Make $300 Million on Inflation in First Quarter

Shunned Oil Piling Up Off China as Virus Outbreak Worsens

Consumers may be wary but they're still spending

Remember those crypto Super Bowl ads?

U.S. stock futures extend losses as investors await details on Fed


Here’s what consumers plan to cut back on if prices continue to surge

Frustrated Apple employees reject CEO Tim Cook’s hybrid plan

EU  Russia sanctions to  include steel, luxury goods, fuel and more,

How Bill Gross Built a Bond Empire—Then Lost It All

How 2 college roommates built a $4 billion start-up called Patreon


BlackRock’s Fink says war could accelerate use of cryptocurrencies

Wheat and Corn Plunge on Ukraine-Russia Talks Optimism

Oil drops $2 on positive signals from Russia-Ukraine peace talks

Blockchain project Ronin hit by $615 million crypto heist